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Investment Planning

Peace of mind in investing comes down to a simple principle: An investment plan should mirror its investor.

Your ideal plan should reflect your goals and attitudes towards risk, otherwise you are set up for financial disaster. With more information and investment options than ever before, making the right choices can seem impossible. Fortunately, I can evaluate where you are today, show you the best options for your future, and develop a plan that balances the risks and rewards you hope to see.


At Brassell Wealth and Retirement Planning, investment planning begins with a comprehensive financial review. This detailed analysis provides a clearer picture of who you are, as an individual and investor, and serves as the foundation your financial plan will be built upon. Our goal is to identify where you are today, so we can chart the best course for tomorrow.

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Once we have identified the variables in your financial equation, the next step is to develop a plan for the future. This may involve creating a budget, debt management strategies, establishing short and long-term benchmarks, or prioritizing certain financial goals over others. 

In addition, we will use a combination of analytical tools, including the Riskalyze program, to determine the right amount of risk for your unique plan. Only then, can we develop an appropriate portfolio of investments built to achieve your long-term financial goals. All of the following can be managed as part of your financial strategy:


The one constant in life is change, which is why we employ an active approach to managing your finances. Your investment plan will change as your life does, but it may also need to be adjusted in response to the world around you. External financial variables like interest rates, fiscal and monetary policy, or geopolitical events may present new opportunities or risks for your money, and by regularly reviewing and monitoring your portfolio, we strive to keep your investment plan current with your life and with market moving events.

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