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Insurance Planning

Protecting what you have for the ones you love most

A comprehensive financial plan isn’t complete without safety nets to protect the wealth we create. Like the air bag or seat belts in your car, insurance provides protection for our money and loved ones if things go wrong. Too little insurance can jeopardize your financial future, and too much insurance can be costly. Fortunately, I have the experience to show you how to best protect the areas of your life where you may be most at risk.  

Brassell Wealth and Retirement Planning represents a number of top-rated companies for the following products: 


Worried about outliving your retirement money? If so, you’re not alone: Most retirees cite this as their biggest fear of the future. One great way to add to your income is to convert a portion of your retirement savings into an Income Annuity. These contracts provide a guaranteed income for life, no matter how long you live. You can also name beneficiaries to receive any unused balances in the event of your death.

Annuities aren’t just for current income though: They can be used as an investment for later in life. Annuities can help you:

  • Grow your money without the risk of stock market losses
  • Earn higher rates of return than bank savings products
  • Protect against the long term effects of inflation
  • Replace lost income do the death of a spouse

Medicare Health Plans

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Part D prescription drug plans

Medicare becomes the foundation of health care for most people over age 65, but it does not cover all of the costs. With more supplemental coverages than ever before, you need to understand how the various plans fit with Medicare. I can help you evaluate the plans available in your area, and show you which will offer the best level of coverage to fit your needs.  

Long Term Care

Seniors are living longer than ever, but increasing longevity has increased the likelihood of needing help later in life. Unfortunately, Medicare will not pay for traditional Long Term Care expenses, and the burden of these costs falls on the income and savings of those who need the care. This leads to a loss of independence for the individual, and for married couples, can result in the depletion of retirement assets for the healthy spouse.  

Fortunately, there are insurance and investment-based plans available to help you maintain your independence and protect your retirement assets in the event Long Term Care becomes a reality later in life. 

Life Insurance

We make sacrifices to build a future for ourselves and our loved ones. Life insurance can help protect that future in the event something happens to us along the way. But insurance can be much more than just protection on our lives: it can function as an investment vehicle for things like college planning or retirement. And, life insurance is still the only way of leaving money to loved ones, that when done correctly, can be 100% tax-free! 

There are many uses for life insurance. I’ll show you the ways in which it can work for you.

Products include:

  • Term Life – highest face amounts for the least premium dollars
  • Whole Life – permanent coverage that lasts for life
  • Universal/Indexed Life – a form of whole life insurance, policies can build internal cash value that can be used for future financial needs including college planning and retirement income
  • Survivorship Life – permanent coverage on two lives, usually spouses, and commonly used as part of an Estate Plan to convert taxable assets into a tax-free inheritance for heirs