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My name is Brian Brassell, and I teach people how to build the most successful retirements possible. I have worked in the financial and retirement planning industry for the last 18 years and take tremendous joy in showing my clients how to grow and protect financial assets, create and maximize retirement income,  and leave a financial legacy for future generations to come. I have advised individuals and entrepreneurs and have helped hundreds of retirees in building financial foundations for the rest of their lives. I’ve also helped aging clients protect estates for their children, counseled families with loved ones entering nursing homes, and supported heirs dealing with the financial and emotional challenges of losing a parent.

I have seen life’s money moments, and what those experiences have taught me is that while money never changes, the circumstances in our lives always do. A financial plan is not just a roadmap for investing; it’s a blueprint for how money will carry us through the various seasons of our lives. I have built a career helping clients understand their finances and showing them the best ways to both build and protect wealth through all the money moments in their lives. Wherever you are on life’s journey, I would love the opportunity to talk with you. I’m confident we can build a plan that leads you to the best your life has to offer.